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Tuesday, 18th August 2009
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Japanese coal 'adds flavour'

Barbecued food reportedly tastes "crazy-good" when cooked over Japanese coals.

The National Post reports that Japanese coal - and that from Korea - is typically sourced from "organic mountains".

Restaurateur Michael Rubino, who is about to open a new restaurant complete with its own Japanese grill, adds that the coal is "the trick" to bringing out a "crazy-good flavour" from the food.

The article continues to say that the grilling method of Robata has acquired cult status since being termed "simple but sublime" by Gourmet magazine.

Gourmet explained in its piece on Robata grilling that the coal is baton-shaped and propped up against each other in the form of a rough pyramid.

This is built on a sand base, with meat cooked slowly without smoke or flames.

Heat control is achieved by adding a little water to cool the coal, or a little salt to remove some ash and raise the temperature.

Once the meat becomes too hot to touch by hand, the "simple but sublime" feast is ready to be enjoyed.

Written by Graham McPherson