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Friday, 7th August 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese police search for missing celebrity

Police in Japan have issued a warrant for the arrest of actress and pop star Noriko Sakai, who disappeared after her husband was detained on suspicion of drug possession.

Earlier this week, Ms Sakai's husband Yuichi Takaso was arrested after being searched by police in the Shibuya area of Tokyo.

She vanished after being asked by officers to come to a police station to answer questions. Since Monday (August 3rd), she has not been seen and according to reports, has not been contactable by email or phone.

The couple's son was found with a family friend earlier this week.

38-year-old Sakai first rose to fame in a TV drama back in 1986 and has appeared in several TV shows in Asia. She is also known for her music career.

President of her management agency Sun Music, Masahisa Aizawa, told a press conference that her whereabouts are unknown to them.

According to several reports, the signal from the star's mobile phone was last detected on Tuesday in Yamanashi, 60 miles from Tokyo.

Written by Mark Smith.