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Monday, 27th July 2009
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Traditional festivals set to hit Japan

The annual Nebuta Matsuri and Neputa Matsuri festivals are set to take place in Japan over the next two weeks.

In Aomori, the Nebuta Matsuri festival is expected to take place between August 1st and 7th, with the Neputa Matsuri event set to be held in Hirosaki at the same time.

Both events see papier-mache dummies in the shape of men, animals and birds carried through the streets on carriages.

Festival participants dress in traditional costumes and perform folk dances in the events, which are held to help comfort the souls of the dead who are revisiting earth.

According to the Nebuta Matsuri website, the floats at this year's event will be made from wood and covered in Japanese paper.

They will be lit from the inside with hundreds of light bulbs, while festival goers in native costumes will play flutes and drum while walking alongside them.

Holidaymakers could find that visiting either city towards the end of the festival is ideal and could give them the chance to see the closing firework displays.

Written by Kimberley Homer.