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Wednesday, 24th June 2009
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Japanese ex-comedian lobbies for top political role

The ex-comedian governor of Japan's Miyazaki prefecture has stated his intention run in the upcoming general election as a potential leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Hideo Higashikokubaru was approached by LDP election campaign manager Makoto Koga to represent the beleaguered governing party in the hope of capitalising on his fame and popularity.

However, Mr Higashikokubaru has stated that he will only run in the lower house election on the LDP ticket if the party, currently led by prime minister Taro Aso, agrees to list him as a candidate for the party's presidency.

The LDP, which has seen its popularity decline sharply in the face of severe recession, has yet to provide an answer to Mr Higashikokubaru's demands.

In his previous career, Mr Higashikokubaru is best known for appearing for a number of years alongside Beat Takeshi under the name Sonomanma Higashi on the knockabout Japanese game show Takeshi's Castle.

Written by Mark Smith