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Thursday, 18th June 2009
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Japan unveils fastest-ever bullet train

The East Japan Railway has unveiled a next-generation bullet train that aims to hit speeds of 320 kph.

Test runs have commenced on the new E5 model train, which features a distinctive elongated nose design intended to reduce wind resistance.

The new train, which is the fastest ever produced in Japan, is intended to run between stations in Tokyo and Aomori and will aim to cut travel times between the two cities to three hours and five minutes, 54 minutes quicker than current means.

However, it will soon no longer only be Japanese commuters who are able to take advantage of bullet train technology.

This week, British commuters were treated to the unveiling of the Javelin, a high-speed train designed by Japanese manufacturer Hitachi for use by Southeastern railways.

The British train can travel at speeds of up to 229 kph and will be available for use by commuters as a special preview service at the end of the month.

Written by Susan Ballion