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Tuesday, 18th November 2008
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Opposition boycotts Japanese parliament

Decisions on key legislation in Japan have been brought to an effective standstill by a boycott carried out by the opposition party.

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) is refusing to participate in debates in parliament's Upper House, demanding that the prime minister Taro Aso either offer a supplementary budget for discussion or else call an election.

Talks that have been affected to date include a vote on anti-terrorism law scheduled today (Tuesday), the Telegraph reports from Tokyo.

DPJ politician Yukihisa Fujita commented: "Mr Aso told us that he was not calling an election because his priority was to deal with the economy first.

"But now he is refusing to put the supplementary budget forward for political reasons."

The news follows a report by television network ANN that support for the party in power has fallen to 30 per cent following its economic rescue plan.

According to AFP, the level of support has fallen from 42.8 per cent between October and November.

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