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Friday, 29th May 2009
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Japanese university uses iPhones as anti-truancy measure

Students at a Tokyo university have been given free iPhones as part of a hi-tech anti-truancy initiative.

550 students of Aoyama Gakuin University have been given iPhone 3G units with an application that allows them to electronically register their attendance for class.

The full system will even offer an online database of course materials and lecture notes.

University professor Yasuhiro Iijima told Reuters: "We don't want to use this to simply take attendance. Our hope is to use this to develop a classroom where students and teachers can discuss various topics"

The professor has also reassured students that the university will not use the global positioning system to spy on students, stating that the security confirmation system on the iPhone would make doing so impossible.

Japanese demand for smartphones such as the iPhone appears to be growing, with sales expected to increase by 27 per cent this year.

By Mark Smith