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Thursday, 28th May 2009
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Digital Kurosawa archive launched in Japan

Fans of legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa were this week given access to an online archive containing storyboards, scripts and photos from his most famous films.

Nearly 20,000 items of memorabilia have been uploaded to the Kurosawa Digital Archive, including set photos from the likes of Rashomon and The Seven Samurai.

The new archive comes courtesy of the film company Kurosawa Production, currently headed by Kurosawa's eldest son Hisao, and Ryukoku University, which assisted in the digitisation of the articles.

Though currently the archive is only available in Japanese, Hisao Kurosawa has expressed his interest in making the site available in English and other languages at some point in the future.

Akira Kurosawa remains one of world cinema's most celebrated directors, with the British Film Institute describing him "as a master technician and stylist, with a deep humanism and compassion for his characters and an awe of the enormity of nature".

Written by Graham McPherson

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