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Thursday, 16th April 2009
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Japan to launch small satellites

Plans are afoot for Japan to launch dozens of micro-satellites to help predict natural disasters, it has emerged.

Each of the satellites will be no larger than 50cm in size and weigh less than 50kg, reports the Daily Yomiuri.

Tokuyuki Aso, a spokesman for the country's science ministry, said that while the use of such technology was being looked into, no official decision had yet been made.

"Such satellites can be developed and deployed faster and more cheaply than typical satellites," he commented.

As well as analysing natural disasters, the devices can monitor traffic congestion and farming patterns.

Recently, it was reported that Japan also hopes to land a walking robot on the surface of the moon by 2020.

Development of the project has been outlined by the Strategic Headquarters for Space Development, a Cabinet-level working group established under a law passed to advance the country's space technology and exploration.

Written by Mark Smith