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Wednesday, 15th April 2009
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Japanese beef-bowl chain to open new restaurants

A Japanese restaurant chain is to open 170 new outlets this financial year, it has been announced.

Yoshinoya Holdings will launch the beef-bowl restaurants in Japan and around the world, many of them in China, reports the Mainichi Daily News.

Shuji Abe, president of the firm, said the fact that more people were eating in rather than dining out during the economic downturn was a challenge for the catering industry.

"It is a difficult time for restaurants at shopping malls in rural areas due to less customers, but urban areas are seeing only a small effect," he commented.

Yoshinoya is Japan's biggest beef-bowl chain and expects consolidated sales to increase by almost 15 per cent this year.

In related news, Stock and Land reports that a company has begun selling Australian beef door-to-door to customers in Japan.

Written by Mike Cotgreave