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Thursday, 9th October 2008
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Japan unveils 'Cyberdyne' robot suits

Paralysed individuals may soon be able to benefit from a new robotic suit to help them walk again, it has been claimed.

Earlier this week, Japanese professor Yoshiyuki Sankai unveiled the latest model of the suit manufactured by his company Cyberdyne, AFP reports.

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) model is operated by detecting electrical currents that pass over the surface of the skin in anticipation of muscle movement.

"The time has come to introduce this technology to the world," said Professor Sankai at a new conference.

He added he will refuse any potential military use of the HAL suits.

Takashi Hama, an executive official of Daiwa House Industry, a company which has invested in Cyberdene, noted the suits could also be used to help construction workers carry heavy weights as if they were only a few pounds.

In June 2008, Cyberdyne announced the start of construction work on a new research and development and manufacturing centre near Kenkyu Gakuen station of Tsukuba Express.