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Monday, 2nd March 2009
In Japan Entertainment News,

Tokyo music store attracts bohemian crowd

A Tokyo music store staffed by musicians is reportedly attracting the attention of young music fans in the city.

Located in the bohemian Koenji district of the Japanese capital, Sunrain Records stocks everything from the latest releases from the country's punk bands to rare albums by more obscure indie groups.

Many of the CDs available in the shop are collected by staff members after performances at various regional city venues across Japan.

Tokoaki Yuki, the manager of the shop, told Kyodo News: "We will try to get more people to know about good music that is hardly known yet."

He added that many major record label promoters regularly come to the shop to peruse the CDs and look for undiscovered talent.

The neighbourhood of Koenji is named after a number of old temples that are located in the area.

In 2006, the district was the site of protests following the enactment of legislation outlawing the sale of electronic goods made before 2001.

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