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Wednesday, 25th February 2009
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Osaka Municipal Museum of Art exhibits fine art

The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition takes place at the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art throughout next month.

Visitors to the special exhibition will be able to view a fine selection of artworks, calligraphy and sculpture from some of Japan's most accomplished modern artists.

In the Japanese-style painting section of the exhibiton, there are examples of modern interpretations of traditional artistic styles.

Meanwhile, in the Western-style painting section there are artworks created using foreign techniques.

The exhibition is an excellent summary of how Japanese art has developed and incorporated Western influeces, report Whatsonwhen.

First opened in 1936, the Osaka Municipal Museum of Art is located in Tennoji Park and exhibits more than 8,000 Japanese and Chinese paintings.

Many of the artefacts are designated as important cultural properties and national treasures.

The museum's basement is the home of Osaka's Art Academy and also the location for various art events that are held on a regular basis.