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Monday, 2nd February 2009
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Clinton 'may visit Japan' on first diplomatic trip

Hilary Clinton, the new US secretary of state, could pay a visit to Japan within the next few weeks, it has emerged.

In what will be her first overseas trip since taking up the post following the inauguration of Barack Obama, Mrs Clinton will also travel to South Korea and China, officials have said.

Some commentators believe the choice of Tokyo as Mrs Clinton's first diplomatic destination is a clear message that the new Democrat administration wants to strengthen its alliance with Japan.

Recently, former US president Bill Clinton called on the world's richest people to give more money to causes in the developing world.

During a speech on philanthropy at Davos, Mr Clinton commented: "The interdependent world is still pretty good to us, otherwise we couldn't afford to be here.

"There are those among us who are not starving. Those of use who can do more, even in this time [of economic crisis], should."

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