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Friday, 30th January 2009
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Japan 'top of the pops' for music

Japan is a great place to embark on a music-buying excursion, particularly after going to see a gig, it has been claimed.

According to a report in the Guardian, record shops stay open until late all over Japan - a treat for nocturnal vinyl-hunters.

One such shop is Trutone in Osaka, a veritable treasure trove of musical rareities and new records.

DJ Yukke, master of the cash register and mixing desk in the outlet, came to Osaka from Nishinomiya in Hyogo.

"In Osaka people have a unique sense of being, everyone is an individual. I think this comes across musically," he commented, adding: "Historically, we've had some pretty famous bands like Boredoms, but now underground dance is more popular."

Currently topping the Japanese music charts is Remioromen with the track Yume No Tsubomi (Bud of the Dream, followed by Aqua Timez with Velonica and GReeeeN with Ayumi (History).