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Thursday, 29th January 2009
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Nintendo 'hopes to get Wii gamers fit'

A new health service is being launched by Nintendo for its popular Wii games console.

The Japan-based firm is planning to devise a new channel called Wii Fit Check which will provide gamers with access to important information about their health.

Nintendo has said the service will allow customers to discover their body mass index and other health statistics, which will then be forwarded to health and fitness experts over the internet.

Fitness equipment could be linked to the computer, to allow users to record their exercise and fitness using their Wii.

Experts who receive people's fitness information will then send suggestions back to the customer's games console, according to the proposals.

It could prove another innovative solution from the Kyoto-based company, which experienced record sales last year.

Some 2.14 million Wii consoles were sold in America in December and the firm is set to announce more financial information on the release of its fourth-quarter statistics for 2008 tomorrow.

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