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Friday, 23rd January 2009
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Japan launches greenhouse gas satellite

Japan launched the first satellite to monitor carbon dioxide emissions today (January 23rd), it has been reported.

Named Inuki, which translates as 'breath', the satellite was launched into space with several other piggyback probes.

Japan's space agency, Jaxa, said the launch was successful, commenting: "Ibuki will enable the precise monitoring of the density of carbon dioxide by combining global observation data sent from space with data obtained on land, and with simulation models."

The satellite will circle the globe once every 100 minutes and its optical sensors will measure the density of methane and carbon dioxide by gauging light reflected from the earth.

In related news, Japan and South Korea recently teamed up to collaborate on a number of experiments on the International Space Station.

South Korea is relative newcomer to the space industry and is hoping to tap into the experience and technology of more advanced countries.