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Monday, 19th January 2009
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Tourists 'readmitted' to Tokyo's famous tuna auction

Travellers planning a visit to Tokyo may be glad to learn that the city's Tsukiji fish market has agreed to readmit sightseers.

Previously, tourists had been prohibited from entering the market as it was believed they were interfering with business.

On average, around 500 people visited the market every day, leading to Tokyo's metropolitan government deeming the world-famous tuna auction an important tourist attraction, reports the Associated Press.

Yoshiaki Takagi, deputy chief of the market, commented: "We would like visitors to abide by the rules.

"We are most troubled by flash photographs because it makes it difficult for us to see hand signals of the brokers."

Other bluefin tuna auctions include the Osaka Central Wholesale Market in the port city of Osaka on Honshu Island.

An estimated 60,000 tonnes of tuna were sold at the market last year.

Visitors to the market can see skilled swordsmen carefully cutting the the best bits of the fish as they arrive.

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