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Thursday, 15th January 2009
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Crime 'falls for sixth consecutive year'

Crime in Japan fell for the sixth consecutive year in 2008, reinforcing the country's image as one of the safest places to go travelling.

According to new figures from the National Police Agency, criminal activity fell by 4.7 per cent on the previous year's figures.

Most of the 1.82 million recorded cases (75.5 per cent) consisted of petty theft and burglary, while just 0.5 per cent were accounted for by felonies, reports AFP.

In addition to having a comparatively less violent culture than countries such as the US, the authorities in Japan also have a reputation of solving a higher percentage of crimes such as robberies.

While traditional crimes are falling in Japan, new forms of largely white collar illegality has accompanied an increase in wealth and technological advances.

Recently, the country was shocked by the murder of a 45-year-old professor at Chuo University in Tokyo.