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Friday, 29th February 2008
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US secretary of state 'expresses regret'

The US secretary of state Condoleezza Rice has expressed regret over the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl in Okinawa.

Apologising on behalf of the US president, George Bush, Ms Rice noted the concern for the girl who had been involved in the incident, reports the Japan Times.

The alleged rape involved a 14-year-old girl and a US marine on the Japanese islands of Okinawa on February 10th.

Ms Rice made her comments after a meeting between herself and the country's foreign minister Masahiko Komura. It was also confirmed that the US would do what it could to ensure such an incident does not occur again.

"I earlier had had a chance to express the regret to the prime minister on behalf of President Bush, on behalf of myself and the people of the United States for the terrible incident that happened in Okinawa," said Ms Rice.

Okinawa Prefecture consists of a number of islands, covering a distance of more than 1,000 km.

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