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Thursday, 27th March 2008
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Japanese citizens to be encouraged to 'go green'

Citizens and residents in Japan are to be encouraged to adopt a number of new environmentally-friendly measures.

Approved this week by Japan's cabinet, the new measures are to be introduced as part of a strategy to reduce levels of waste in the country by 60 per cent; for individuals however, the target is lower, at 20 per cent, reports the Associated Press.

"We are still lacking efforts. We have not been able to break away from the mass consumption society," said Tsuyoshi Kawakami, a representative from Japan's ministry for the environment, who is responsible for recycling.

Among the changes to be adopted are plans to ensure that those shopping make use of their own bags, rather than taking those provided by stores.

Diners will also be encouraged to discard the use of disposable chopsticks and instead carry their own for later reuse.

For environmentally-aware individuals planning on visiting Japan, Lonely Planet has a number of recommendations, including eating less tuna and opting for food that has been produced locally.