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Tuesday, 25th October 2016
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Tokyo Police to create pedestrian zone for Halloween

The Shibuya district of Tokyo is a popular area to celebrate Halloween and the local police have announced plans to create a pedestrian zone outside the train station to ease crowds.

Last year, the force had difficulties coping with the influx of costume-clad revellers around the area of the famous Scramble Crossing, leading to disruptions in traffic flow.

This year, the space directly outside Shibuya Station, adjacent to the famous section of road, will be made into a pedestrian zone.

The move should mean that those heading out on the evenings between October 28th and 31st should find it easier to get to their destination.

Shibuya’s famous crossing has become iconic due to the fact that all of the lights at this busy junction turn red at the same time, bringing all vehicles to a standstill.

Among the problems at Halloween is that often those without a specific event planned will hang out near the crossing taking pictures and causing congestion.

Between 10pm and midnight on October 31st last year, it was nigh on impossible to move in the area, with pavements packed with people.

Crowds will have more room to spread out this year, as a section of Bunkamura-dori and Dogenzaka Avenue will be closed to traffic.

Among the members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department who have handled the crowds in the past is the DJ police office, reports Japan Today.

He shot to fame on YouTube for the methods he employs to appeal to the crowd to act sensibly while staying light-hearted himself.

The unnamed officer has been praised for his eloquent speaking style and use of humour in what is essentially a difficult situation.

He will be on hand again this year to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.

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