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Monday, 7th April 2008
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Elderly woman faces arrest for attempted murder

An elderly woman in Japan has been arrested by police on suspicion of attempted murder.

Although denying the charges, Kimiko Umemura is alleged to have made an attempt on the life of her husband, Hirokazu Umemura, reports Mainichi Daily News.

The 76-year-old Mr Umemura received only minor injuries in an incident that led him to call emergency services, claiming that he had been wounded in a knife attack by his wife.

Noting that she was too drunk during the incident to recall events, the 67-year-old Mrs Umemura added: "I think he might have done it to himself."

In other news, a 17-year-old teenager has also been arrested in relation to the attempted murder of two youths, the publication reported.

"I'd had a skirmish with them, so I called them out to talk to me, but they got me mad, so I went at them," said the suspect.