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Thursday, 10th April 2008
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Japanese princess begins primary school

Japan's Princess Aiko this week began her studies at a primary school in Tokyo.

According to reports by Mainichi Daily News, the princess has been enrolled with a total of 131 other students at the city's Gakushuin Primary School.

Princess Aiko, who is also known by her imperial title Princess Toshi, has been enrolled within the school's Minami-gumi class.

Taking part in an enrolment ceremony at the school, Princess Aiko - dressed in a dark blue uniform adorned with a red scarf - recited the following pledge: "From today, we are first graders at Gakushuin Primary School. We will be good children."

Born in December 2001, the princess is the daughter of Crown Princess Masako and Crown Prince Naruhito; her name is made up of the kanji characters representing "love" and "child".

The current emperor of Japan is Emperor Akihito, who rose to the position in 1989.