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Thursday, 21st January 2016
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Chocolate fries predicted to be a hit at McDonald's Japan

Japan is well-known for its wacky flavourings and fast food outlets seem to be constantly battling to outdo each other with bizarre combinations.

The latest item to be added to the McDonald’s menu in the country is chocolate-covered French fries and this savoury-sweet mix is expected to be popular with diners.

This dish will do exactly as it says on the tin, with a generous portion of fries being drizzled in both milk and white chocolate sauce.

McChocolate Potatoes, as they will be known, are set to be launched across Japan next week (January 26th) and will retail at 330 yen (£1.99) a portion.

Innovations such as this do tend to be popular in Japan and there is likely to be queues of people eagerly waiting to try the new taste sensation when it goes on sale.

In order to provide an even greater level of hype, however, McDonald’s is advertising the fact that the new McChocolate Potatoes are not here to stay.

Diners throughout Japan will be able to enjoy this unusual desert until some time in mid-February, probably finding the cut-off point is just after Valentine’s Day.

Such marketing encourages customers to try the dish while they can as it won’t be around for long.

Despite the fact that McDonald’s is a universally-recognised brand, the products it sells in different countries varies depending on demand.

It is fun to try some of the food designed to appeal to a Japanese audience while travelling in the country.

For example, you may spot the Sesame Ebi Filet-O Sesame Bun on the menu, which contains a sesame bun, shrimp cutlet, lettuce, cheese and Thousand Island sauce.

Alternatively, opt for the Chicken Tatsuta with wasabi and tartare sauce, featuring a ginger and soy sauce flavour chicken patty, wasabi tartare sauce, original steamed bun and lettuce.

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