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Wednesday, 23rd April 2008
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Miso bean paste manufacturer 'plays Bach to its produce'

Classical music has improved the taste of a miso bean and warranted its higher price tag, its grower insists.

The Bahha no Yuraku Kyoichiraku luxury miso bean paste, fermented by Marujyum, will sell for 630 yen for a 300g tub, according to the Mainichi Daily News.

Marujyu's president Tomoaki Sato said the company had been inspired to play the music of Johann Sebastian Bach to the beans during their 150-day fermentation process by the practices of some sake brewers.

"Listening to Bach makes both people and miso better," Mr Sato, a Bach fan, told the newspaper.

The company set up speakers in the fermentation chamber, where only locally-sourced rice and soya beans are used.

Miso is produced differently in the various regions of Japan and can be dark, light, sweet or salty. suggests there are hundreds of different types of miso and it is used to flavour other foods during cooking.

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