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Thursday, 12th November 2015
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Tokyo Skytree welcomes its 20 millionth visitor

It grabbed headlines back in 2010 when it became the tallest building in Japan, but now the Tokyo Skytree has something else to celebrate.

The landmark has been popular since it opened to the public and this week saw its 20 millionth visitor arrive through the doors.

A nine-year-old girl who arrived on Monday (November 9th) was the lucky guest, who received a large bunch of flowers for being the 20 millionth person to visit the tower, reports Fuji TV.

Those travelling in Japan have been able to enjoy the delights of the Skytree since it opened to the public on May 22nd 2012.

The Tokyo Skytree’s main purpose is as a broadcasting tower, but its potential for tourism was not lost and a restaurant and observation decks were incorporated into its design.

Up to 2,000 people can enjoy the view from the observatory at 350 metres, while a further 900 people at a time can take in the vistas from the platform at 450 metres.

An absolute must-experience for those without fear of vertigo, however, is to ascend a further five metres from the skywalk on the upper level to a location with a glass floor offering uninterrupted views of the scene below.

Before it was complete, it was taller than anything else in the country, but at its finished height measures 634 metres.

Needless to say, the views from the observation deck present an incredible perspective on Tokyo and the surrounding area.

The designers behind the Tokyo Skytree wanted to create an iconic structure, which could become a symbol of Japan.

It incorporates neofuturistic design with elements of traditional Japanese beauty in a way that had not been seen before.

The Tokyo Skytree is painted in a shade of blue-ish white that has been named after the structure and is lit up each evening, alternating between sky blue and purple LEDs daily.

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