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Tuesday, 20th October 2015
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Lifelike cat handbags are taking Japan by storm

Japan loves its trends and when there is a new one, the whole country goes mad to get their hands on it.

This time it is a handbag designed to look like a cat that is so lifelike, you could be mistaken for thinking people are heading out with their kitties under their arms.

The accessories are handmade by Japanese housewife Pico, who uses acrylic paint to create individual markings on each feline-shaped bag.

As they are not mass-produced and are becoming so popular, people are prepared to pay large sums to get their hands on a Pico bag, with reports suggesting as much as 83,000 yen (£448) has been handed over.

Pico bags are being traded on auction sites, which suggests the prices will only increase further.

The only indicators that Pico bags are not real cats are the straps and zips, but the latter is so carefully concealed it would be easy not to spot.

There is a surprisingly large amount of space inside for storing a phone, purse, keys and all the usual items, but Pico bags are undoubtedly about being a style statement, as opposed to their practical usage.

With thousands of followers on Twitter, Pico is building up a steady fanbase, with the black, white and caramel-furred cat bags being the most popular.

Complete with a pink nose, staring eyes, whiskers and a tail, it can be very hard to distinguish a Pico bag from a real cat.

Japan has a well-documented love affair with cats, so it is not surprising the bags have gained so much attention.

Anyone outside of the country wishing to procure one may be disappointed, however, as Pico says she will only sell her creations in Japan.