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Friday, 19th September 2008
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World's oldest man celebrate his 113th year

Tomoji Tanabe, the oldest man in the world, has celebrated his 113th birthday in the Japan.

Mr Tanabe, who was born on September 18th 1895, was presented with birthday gifts and flowers, while the mayor of his hometown, Miyakonojo, gave him $1,000 (£556) in cash.

He told reporters he would like to live for another five years, despite last year saying he wanted to live "for infinity".

Every morning, Mr Tanabe - a former land surveyor - wakes up early, reads the newspaper and drinks milk in the afternoon. He avoids alcohol and does not smoke.

The number of people living beyond the age of 100 in Japan has more than doubled in the last six years, while the country's 100+ population is predicted by the United Nations to reach almost one million by 2050.

The International Herald Tribune reported recently that Japan's over-70 population has also hit a record high.

Edna Parker is currently the world's oldest person at 115 years old. Ms Parker lives in an Indiana nursing home in the US.