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Friday, 5th June 2015
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Short Shorts Film Festival underway in Tokyo and Yokohama

Film fans in Japan are currently enjoying a festival of shorts, which is taking place in two locations in the country.

The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2015 started yesterday (June 4th) and will continue until the 14th, giving plenty of opportunity for visitors to get involved.

A number of venues in Tokyo and Yokohama have signed up to host screenings, with more than 200 due to be watched across the duration of the festival.

The movies, which have all been created in the short form, do not just originate in Japan, but from all over the world.

Being short and with such variety on offer, there is no reason not to sit and watch several in a row and compare and contrast their styles, subject and overall contribution to the field.

The organisers of the event have made watching multiple films even easier by creating thematic sets of movies that have been grouped together to provide two hours or less of viewing.

This narrows down the huge selection and will help attendees choose a genre they enjoy and not be faced with picking from the vast menu of choices on offer.

Among the highlights of the festival is an interesting short film starring Hollywood favourite Kirsten Dunst.

In Aspirational, the actress plays herself and pokes fun at the current trend for selfies and the culture that has led to their proliferation.

Another interesting project is a four-minute music video, which was shot on an ultraslow motion camera, highlighting elements that viewers would not normally be able to see at the normal speed.

Many of the events that make up the festival are being held free of charge, making it widely accessible to all.