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Monday, 11th May 2015
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Tokyo hotel launches 'crying rooms' for females suffering from combat stress

Women who find themselves frequently running to the toilet to have a good cry in the privacy of a cubicle ought to hang out around Tokyo’s Mitsui Garden Yotsuya hotel, as it has launched a service that will most likely cure them of the habit for ever. The hotel’s Shinjuki ward has opened ‘crying rooms’ aimed especially at women experiencing combat stress. 

The rooms are equipped with various boxes of soft tissues, and the television channel has been pre-programmed to show twelve of the world’s most tear jerking films, including Forrest Gump. Additionally, a few manga comic books have been strategically placed in the rooms. They are from the Japanese publisher Maruzen, and the titles are known for their sad storylines. 
Sad, crying, females are able to huddle up in single beds, with sheets that are designed to provide added comfort around the neck, reports Excite, a Japanese online magazine. 

The hotel, which already provides women-only rooms, offers the crying rooms at an introductory rate of 10,000 Japanese yen per day (around £55), until the end of August, after which date the prices will be increased. 

If you thought that crying rooms were offbeat, think again. There are numerous outlandish hospitality ideas that seem to thrive in Japan, including so-called ‘love hotels’, which are short-stay hotels for amorous couples only, capsule hotels, which offer extremely small facilities for those on a budget. 

The imaginations of cafe owners stretch even farther, with cat cafes already dime a dozen and tourists now flocking to cafes where they can intermingle with dogs, rabbits, goats and even less domesticated animals. The most recent cafe to join the animal queue is an owl cafe Fukuro no Mise (which translates as Shop of Owls). Already at hit, it is advisable to make reservations because the place is constantly booked up despite signs that read “They can’t be potty trained like dogs. So please be generous when they potty on you.”  

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