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Thursday, 15th May 2008
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Solar-powered bra 'unveiled' in Tokyo

A new environmentally-themed bra has been revealed in Tokyo, it has emerged.

Developed by Triumph International, a company established in Germany in 1886, the new item of ladies apparel has been developed to incorporate a solar panel, which is then used to provide power to an onboard bulletin board.

However, the solar panel - which is worn around the wearer's stomach area - is more than capable of generating enough power to charge either an iPod or a mobile phone.

And while the company has confirmed that the bra will not be released as a saleable item, it has been created as a way of raising awareness of the need to consume less energy and of the wider issue of climate change.

"It is very comfortable and I can really feel involved in eco-friendly efforts as well," said Yuko Ishida, a model.

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