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Thursday, 8th January 2015
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Shinjuku station in 'Psycho-Pass' promotion

A new anim e is set to be released that envisions a future Japan in which a so-called 'Psycho-Pass' is required to access public transit systems, and Shinjuku station is getting in on the fun by implementing a pretend version of the system.

Visitors walking through the station's Metro promenade of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line will notice an extraordinary array of 60-inch screens, each attached to a motion sensor and a high-definition camera.

Fans wanting to trial the so-called 'Psycho-Pass' are advised to walk up to one of these systems, which then scan the person in front using Microsoft's Kinetic V2 before displaying a special profile.

Remember to pay close attention to your mental-state colour and crime-coefficient! If the first is muddied or the second above 100, then you may want to run as one of the Inspector or Enforcer characters from the anime will be waiting to take you away!

The promotion will only last a few days - until January 11th from 6am to 11pm - and comes courtesy of Fuji TV. However, if you're unlucky enough to miss it, you can always go and watch the Psycho-Pass anime when it is released in cinemas later this week.

The film depicts a dystopian Japan set in the year 2112 in which citizens are regularly scanned and imprisoned or executed for having non-conformative profiles. It is spawned from the popular anime show of the same name.

Tokyo's legendary anime and manga scene can be best experienced in the Akihabara district, known as the metropolis's electric town, where enthusiasts will find a plethora of skyscrapers selling cartoons and merchandise on every floor. Also popular are the so-called manga cafes, where visitors can sit with a favourite comic all night if they wish.