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Sunday, 30th November 2014
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Japan tourist figures hit ten million

The Japan National Tourism Organisation has confirmed that visitors to Japan topped more than ten million during the first ten months of the year, with a grand total of 11,009,000 people predicted to pass across the borders over the entirety of 2014.

It is news that will undoubtedly be welcomed by the government, which is hoping to boost tourism figures up to 20 million people within four years - in time for the much-anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The anticipated result of 11,009,000 people means that the tourist figures will flatten those for 2013, which stood at just 10.3 million. 

In particular, the Land of the Rising Sun proved immensely popular with visitors from Taiwan this year. According to the Japan National Tourism Organisation, tourists from the country rose by a whopping 26.4 per cent to 2,381,200.

The government said that a rise in international flights to Haneda Airport had contributed to the extraordinary rise in people visiting Japan, as well as the fact that the yen's value has plunged over the course of the year due to prime minister Shinzo Abe's aggressive economic policy.

Increased inflation means that visitors can get excellent deals on accommodation and shopping as a result of the weaker yen.

Mr Abe hopes that he can transform tourism into one of the nation's main industries over the next decade, with a wealth of alterations and changes set to make Japan more friendly to visitors from across the world.