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Tuesday, 7th October 2014
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New tech on show at CEATEC Japan

Technology fans are gathering at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies ( CEATEC ) to witness the latest releases from top companies in the sector such as Sharp Corp Sony, Toshiba and more.

The exposition, which is being held in the city of Chiba which neighbours Tokyo, is one of the most anticipated events of the season among device enthusiasts, with many firms choosing to showcase their upcoming creations here for the first time.

In total, 550 companies and organisations from Japan and overseas will be in attendance, with the fun starting earlier today (October 7th) and going on until the 12th.

Among the most popular gadgets on offer is a pair of glasses that tell you how to get home, dubbed Toshiba Glass and weighing in at 42 grams. The device could also be used to offer instantaneous translation to whatever you happen to be looking at, or assist factory workers who would benefit from having their hands free, a Toshiba researcher told the Malay Mail Online.

"We still don't know what wearable formats will be the most accepted in the future," commented Toshiba senior research scientist Yoshiyuki Kokojima. "Constantly seeing a small screen may get tiring to the eyes, but you could get information without even lifting a finger. It's less effort than consulting a wrist watch."

Meanwhile, lead mobile carrier NTT Docomo showcased a T-shirt that uses a special textile to keep track of the wearer's pulse - an innovation that could have a profound impact on the healthcare market. The information is transmitted to a smartphone running a health-related application.

Docomo also showcased something called the Yubi Navi, which navigates users through unfamiliar streets by vibrating in such a way as to guide them, nudging left, right or straight on until they have reached their destination.

"Touch sensation can create a new type of gadget for the future," an NTT Docomo presenter said.