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Monday, 15th September 2014
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JR East to improve access to Haneda

Haneda Airport, which serves national and international flights to and from Tokyo, will soon be even more accessible from the city centre than it already is, with new plans released in the last week that will see three new lines constructed from the transport hub.

East Japan Railway Company, or JR East, has approved plans that will mean travellers can reach Haneda from Tokyo Station within 18 minutes, down from the current time which stands at 28 minutes.

Passengers from Shinjuku, meanwhile, will reach the transport hub within 23 minutes down from 41, while a final line running along the coast of Tokyo Bay will connect Shinkiba and reduce the train ride down from 41 minutes to 20.

According to a statement released by East Japan Railway officials, the work will likely cost a total of 320 billion yen and take ten years to complete, meaning the lines will not be available for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As well as this, a date for the construction has yet to be set.

The sporting extravaganza has, however, inspired a raft of transportation improvements in Tokyo, including facial recognition technology and extra lanes to be installed at the capital's largest airports. It is hoped these will speed up entry into the country.

It is hoped that improvements made during the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will help tourists get into the centre of the metropolis for years to come, which will be necessary given that prime minister Shinzo Abe has announced he wants to increase the number of tourists exponentially over the next 20 years.