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Monday, 9th June 2008
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Japanese savers banking on young golfer

Many Japanese bank customers will have more reason than usual to be watching the Japan Tour golf series this season.

Gifu Shinkin Bank has promised savers that it will increase the amount of interest paid on term deposits if Ryo Ishikawa wins one of the tournaments on the programme.

The young talent - who turned professional at the age of 16 - has been capturing headlines in Japan on account of his prodigious performances to date.

So confident is Gifu Shinkin that he will be victorious on the tour that it has promised to raise the interest on its year-long product by 0.1 percentage points, Mainichi Daily News reports.

However, before savers get too excited, the bank has promised to only make the hike once - regardless of how many trophies he picks up.

Ryo holds the record for being the youngest winner on the Japanese golf tour, having claimed his first victory at the age of 15.