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Wednesday, 16th July 2014
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Tokyo welcomes back Godzilla

The latest Godzilla film is a roaring success atop box office charts all over the world, but Japan - the nation that gave birth to the firebreathing monster - has yet to see the film reach its cinema screens.

While US audiences were treated to the remake on May 16th, Japanese fans will not be able to experience it until July 25th, almost two months after its initial release.

However, the nation is already rolling out the red carpet for the filmmakers, who visited Tokyo last week.

"It feels like a homecoming," commented director Gareth Edwards during a special press gala. "His home is Japan."

But while Mr Edwards appeared relaxed, there is a great deal of trepidation about the reception of the film in Japan - something that Japanese actor Ken Watanabe acknowledged at the event.

"It might be a challenge for Japanese to accept this movie," he said, while posing with an updated figure of Godzilla on the red carpet. 

The film may be difficult for reasons other than fan loyalty, Mr Watanabe added, with scenes of a tsunami evoking painful memories of the March 2011 catastrophe.

However, the few early viewings in Japan have been positive, with original actors bursting into tears of joy and stomping the ground in support of the giant CGI monster crashing through the streets.

"A giant hero they had been waiting for [has] arrived," said Akira Takarada, who played the young diver in the original film.

Godzilla remains one of Japan's most iconic exports - along with sushi and geisha - with the film attaining mainstream status in many cultures across the globe.

The remake has grossed more than $488 million (£284 million) globally - no doubt the critics will be watching to see if it can match this success in the monster's home country.

Written by Mark Smith


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