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Tuesday, 17th June 2014
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Harry Potter theme park gears up

Osaka's Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction, due to open on July 15th, has announced that it is expecting to bring a vast number of visitors to Universal Studios Japan over the next year, following a surge in ticket sales.

According to a press release issued by the theme park, two million more people will be welcomed through the gates thanks to the arrival of the boy wizard, who featured in seven highly successful books and eight Hollywood films.

The new addition to Universal Studios Japan cost an estimated 45 billion yen, spans four hectares and includes much of the unique world created by author JK Rowling.

Cutting-edge technology has played a role in allowing intricate details to be added to Hogwarts Castle and the nearby village of Hogsmeade, including snow on the rooftops and lights in the windows.

The attraction is the second Wizarding World of Harry Potter in existence after the first one situated at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.

However, the Japanese incarnation contains a number of additions not featured in the original, including the Black Lake, home to the Giant Squid, and real owls that have been trained to deliver letters like in the books.

Other highlights include the opportunity to fly over Hogwarts Castle, board the crimson Hogwarts Express and use a restroom designed to look like the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

The attraction has even been lauded by prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, who praised the jobs and additional cash flow it will bring to the area.

He told journalists: "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be a wonderful addition to Universal Studios Japan and will contribute to energizing Osaka and the local economy."

Those wishing to experience the attraction can purchase tickets online, with West Japan Railway Company offering a combined Shinkansen bullet train pass with entry to the park.

Written by Mark Smith


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