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Tuesday, 4th March 2014
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ANA launches in-flight wi-fi

Major Japanese airline ANA is now offering in-flight wi-fi, with the service going live last weekend courtesy of Swiss company OnAir.

Although much of its fleet has yet to be upgraded with the equipment necessary to provide the service, the operator confirmed that users will be able to use their smartphones, tablets and mobiles to access the internet on their Boeing 777-300ER and Boeing 767-300 aircraft first.

These fly passengers to the US and Europe, as well as a number of Asian countries. By the end of the year, 28 planes are expected to provide the service, which will cost $6 for 5MB, $12 for 10MB and $24 for 20MB per flight.

ANA's main competitor Japan Airlines (JAL) already offers wi-fi access on international flights with utility plans based on hourly or 24-hour rates.

A recent survey by Honeywell indicated that in-flight wi-fi is a sought-after feature for customers, with many saying they would trade drinks and legroom for the function.

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