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Thursday, 26th June 2008
In Japan Sports News,

Japanese athletes begin chopstick-free food programme

Athletes in Japan have established a chopstick-free Chinese food training scheme in preparation for this year's Olympic Games in Beijing.

The programme will be run at Japan's National Training Centre and will offer basic Chinese dishes such as cold spring rolls, noodles and fried catfish, reports Reuters.

Chefs have also been ordered to make miso soup, a staple Japanese dish, without using stock.

The aim of the weekly scheme is to help athletes acclimatise to Chinese cuisine and culinary customs.

Female weightlifter Hiromi Miyake complained that the meals lacked taste. Her father and coach Yoshiyuki commented: "We'll have to pack some soy sauce and chopsticks when we go to Beijing."

Japan is home to a number of recognisable fast food outlets such as McDonalds, however their menus are often adapted to suit Japanese palates. Customers can expect to find tekiyaki burgers, kinipira rice burgers and green-tea milkshakes on offer at fast-food outlets in the country.