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Thursday, 19th December 2013
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Japan to add branch to high-speed rail network

Japan's extensive high-speed rail system is set to add another branch to its already impressive network, with the new series E7 bullet train to run from Tokyo to Nagano in spring 2014.

There are further plans to extend the line out to the Sea of Japan by 2015, and then to Osaka by 2025.

The series E7 bullet trains have been making headlines recently as they have been put into service, with many users commenting on their swish looks and luxurious seating areas.

Travelling at 160 miles per hour at its top speed, however, it is far from the quickest addition to the fleet.

Japan's public transportation has gained recognition from around the world for its punctuality and speed, with commuters given letters of apology to pass onto their managers if the train is even a minute late.

Certain branches of the bullet train network are covered by the JR Pass, which offers tourists unlimited travel during a fixed period of seven, 14 or 21 days for a one-off fee.

Written by Susan Ballion