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Friday, 6th December 2013
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Kobe remembers earthquake with festival

The Japanese port city of Kobe is this week commemorating the dead of a major earthquake that happened 18 years ago with an extraordinary light festival throughout the streets of the metropolis.

Kobe Luminarie, as the event is named, has become an annual fixture on Kobe's calendar since December 1995. Each year, around 200,000 lights illuminate the city's streets, as a way of recalling those who fell to the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

While the reason for the festival is undoubtedly a solemn one, the switching-on of the lights yesterday (December 5th) saw great jubilation as the roads were illuminated.

Tourists interested in light shows should also make an effort to attend the Festival of Light taking place in the Tokyo district of Takenotsuka, where the local park and approaching thoroughfares are lit up in a spectacular fashion for the duration of the Christmas period.

Written by Mark Smith


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