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Thursday, 12th September 2013
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Tokyo to become more visitor-friendly

Tokyo will need to become more visitor-friendly in time for the 2020 Olympics, prime minister Shinzo Abe conceded in a meeting with the city's governor Naoki Inose yesterday (September 11th).

In time for the sporting event, a number of changes will be introduced. Street signs in major tourist areas will be displayed in English, while restaurants and eateries will be encouraged to have multi-lingual menus.

Mr Inose also expressed the belief that a 24-hour transportation service will be essential during the Games.

Currently, there are plans to implement a round-the-clock bus service between Shibuya and Roppongi, two of Tokyo's major entertainment districts. This will only operate on Saturdays between the hours of 1am until 5am, but there are plans to expand the service if it is widely used.

The governor also reassured that work to prepare the city for the influx of tourists will begin immediately.

Written by Susan Ballion 


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