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Tuesday, 20th August 2013
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Tepco seeks help with Fukushima cleanup

Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) has sent a group of engineers to the US to get training from Hanford Engineer Works - a highly experienced nuclear decommissioning firm.

According to Bloomberg, the organisation may also be able to provide the Fukushima team with an alternative method of sealing off the reactors, known as cocooning, which could reduce the estimated cost of the operation.

General manager of Tepco's radioactive waste management Masumi Ishikawa commented: "The US has vast experience in nuclear technology with their military activity, including decontaminating soil and managing river contamination."

Engineers from Tepco are in discussions with Hanford about whether the cocooning method could work at Fukushima.

Earlier today (August 20th), Tepco announced that a storage tank containing highly contaminated water had leaked, although it stressed this water had not reached the ocean.

Tepco has been battling to stabilise the Fukushima plant since the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Written by Susan Ballion


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