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Wednesday, 12th June 2013
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Ueno zoo panda may be pregnant

Animal lovers will no doubt be pleased to hear that a giant panda at Ueno zoo in Tokyo, which was received on loan from China in 2011, is now showing signs that she may be pregnant. 

Caretakers of Shin Shin believed she may be carrying a cub after noting that she was displaying classic signs of pregnancy such as a decreased appetite, sleeping more and elevated hormones. 

Experts in delivering panda cubs are expected to travel from China's Ya'an Sichuan province and the zoo has already set up four monitors in the animal's enclosure to capture any signs she may be in labour. 

This is not the first time Shin Shin has hit the headlines, as back in July last year she gave birth to a cub but it contracted pneumonia and died at just six days old. 

In March this year, the female panda and her mate Ri Ri, both of whom are seven-years-old, were observed mating, fuelling hopes that it could lead to pregnancy.

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