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Wednesday, 30th January 2013
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Japanese men declare love for their wives in annual event

Japan is not known for being a demonstrative nation and so the fact that the country dedicates an entire day to men declaring love for their spouses is all the more unexpected.

The so-called Love Your Wife day takes place every year and sees men standing on a stage in a park in Tokyo to proclaim their love for their wives.

They clutch flowers and shout their feelings for all to hear.

One woman whose husband stood on the podium to declare his love for her said: "He is very fabulous and manly today.

"It just reminded me of how macho he used to be, which I'd forgotten for the eight years I've been married to him."

She giggled that "her heart pounded" when she saw him take to the stage.

It would seem that declaring your love for a woman is not such an unmanly thing to do after all.

Written by Graham McPherson