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Thursday, 24th July 2008
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'Over 100' injured after earthquake

More than 100 people were injured after a powerful earthquake hit northern Japan.

Japan's Meteorological Agency claimed that the preliminary magnitude of the tremor, which struck after midnight local time, was 6.8.

The Kyodo News Agency claimed 127 people were injured in the earthquake which hit the coast of Iwate, 280 miles north-east of Tokyo.

Many of the injuries were caused by cuts and bruises resulting from broken glass and falling objects, said a spokesman for the National Police Agency.

East Japan Railway Company suspended the operation of some of its "bullet" super-express trains and some several nuclear power station, including a nuclear recycling plant in Rokkasho, continued operating after being inspected by workers.

Power supplies to more than 8,000 homes were also disrupted, reports the Press Association.

Around 69,000 people were killed when an earthquake struck south-west China, devastating homes, schools and hospitals recently.