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Tuesday, 15th January 2013
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Tsunami victims remembered during Coming-of-Age ceremony

Victims of the 2011 tsunami were remembered at a Coming-of-Age ceremony held at Rikuzentakata, in the Iwate Prefecture yesterday, January 13th.

A moment of silence was held for those victims who were killed in the natural tragedy which claimed at least 15,878 lives nationwide.

The annual ceremony is held to celebrate those who have, or are set to turn 20, by the end of March, and is honoured across the country.

Rikuzentakata was badly damaged in the 2011 tsunami and the BBC issued a picture of the devastated town following the incident. It stated that the area was "almost completely flattened" by the natural disaster.

Some 266 Coming-of-Age invitations were sent out to Rikuzentakata residents in the hope that they would attend the ceremony and 11 victims of the tsunami who would otherwise have reached the milestone age were remembered during the event.

The exact number of victims claimed by the tsunami who were residents of Rikuzentakata at the time of the event remains unknown.

Written by Mark Smith

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