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Monday, 28th July 2008
In Weather In Japan,

Residents in Kanazawa evacuated after flooding

Around 50,000 residents in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, were temporarily instructed to evacuate their homes by the city government after the Asano River overflowed.

Japan Today reports that the river flooded at four points following heavy rain in the area.

As a result, a number of houses along the river were flooded, although there were no injuries reported, according to firefighters.

The order to evacuate was issued by city authorities at 08:50 local time today (July 28th) and lifted at around 11:45.

Hokuriku Electric Power said around 550 households were without electricity.

A local weather observatory claimed 110 millimetres of rain fell in the space of three hours.

In other Japanese weather news, the country's meteorological office said there was a 60 per cent chance of hotter than normal weather in east and west Japan, reports Reuters. Electricity demand is also expected to increase as more people turn their air conditioning systems on as a result of the temperature.

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